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Each year the Pittsburgh Chapter sponsors a local mathematics competition for students in seventh and eighth grades. Participants compete individually and in teams for a variety of prizes and awards.  The top winners proceed on to a national competition where they can earn a chance to compete with some of the finest students in America.  To get an overview of the program, take a few minutes to check out the National MathCounts web page.

Stay Informed

To stay up to date on the latest MathCounts information, why not join our email list.  You'll receive a short electronic message every time the Pittsburgh Chapter site is updated; that includes the MathCounts portions!

Volunteer Online

MathCounts is one of the Chapter's biggest community efforts.  We're always looking for volunteers (Chapter members, college students, and anyone else who's interested) to help out the day of the event.   Why not volunteer for the day, or at least a couple of hours?   From serving coffee to grading exams, there's something for everyone.  It's never been easier to volunteer!  Send us an email and a volunteer coordinator will contact. Thanks!



MATHCOUNTS has been working with Art of Problem Solving's Richard Rusczyk to create detailed web videos focusing on actual MATHCOUNTS problems.  The MATHCOUNTS Minis will focus on at least one MATHCOUNTS problem and associated concepts. Each Mini will also feature an activity sheet to complement the discussed concepts. Every month MATHCOUNTS and Art of Problem Solving will feature a new video and archive the old.

Download the Activity Sheet here.

Download the Solutions here.



MATHCOUNTS Minis can be found here.